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Conquering Teachers’ Math Anxiety: How two schools are tackling the Common Core

By Lydie Raschka and Clara Hemphill

It’s not surprising that many elementary school teachers struggle with the Common Core State Standards for math. Many early childhood teachers are actually frightened of math. They may doubt their own ability and have chosen a profession where they think it won’t matter.

Five Steps to Integrate NYC Public Schools (2016)

By Clara Hemphill, Lydie Raschka and Nicole Mader

The City can do much more to foster economic integration of elementary schools than the small scale efforts it has made to date. Based on our visits to 150 schools across the city over the past two years, here are five feasible steps we believe the City can take.

How to Rank Your Middle School Choices: A checklist for parents (2017)

By the InsideSchools staff

This guide will help you research schools, dive into the data, and ask the right questions on your middle school visits.

Integrated Schools in a Segregated City: Ten strategies that have made New York City elementary schools more diverse (2016)

By Clara Hemphill, Nicole Mader and InsideSchools Staff

The staff of InsideSchools visited 80 elementary schools to find out how some formerly high-poverty schools have succeeded in attracting children from a range of races, ethnicities and income levels.

Managing by the Numbers: Empowerment and accountability in NYC 's schools (2010)

By Clara Hemphill and Kim Nauer with Helen Zelon, Thomas Jacobs, Alessandra Raimondi, Sharan McCloskey and Rajeev Yerneni

The report offers one of the first broad analyses of the Bloomberg administration's reorganization of school management, explaining how principal empowerment and school accountability are intertwined, and how this management structure is shaping children's lives. The report identifies important gains as well as troubling problems.

New York City’s Best Public Pre-K and Elementary Schools: A Parents’ Guide, fourth edition (2017)

by Clara Hemphill and Lydie Raschka, with Pamela Wheaton, Laura Zingmond and the InsideSchools staff

All-new reviews of more than 150 schools and pre-kindergarten programs based on visits and in-depth interviews by the InsideSchools staff. This guide gives an overview of charter schools, gifted programs, and special education services for your child. Introductions to each chapter give you a feel for each neighborhood in the city. A handy index helps you find progressive schools, tradiional schools, schools for children with autism, or dual language programs offering classes ranging from Arabic to Spanish.

No Heavy Lifting Required: New York City’s Unambitious School ‘Diversity’ Plan

In June 2017 the city released a long-awaited plan designed to increase diversity in the city’s public schools. The Center for New York City Affairs and crunched the numbers on the goals the city has set for itself for the next five years. Our data analysis showed that achieving these goals will require little or no systemic changes to the city’s schools. No heavy lifting will be needed to meet them.

Parents' Guide to Math and Science (2014)

By Clara Hemphill and Lydie Raschka

Are you confused by your child’s math homework? Is science an afterthought in your child’s school? This guide will help you find out whether your children are getting the math or science instruction they need in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade—and will help you do something about it if they aren’t.

Rough Calculations: Will the Common Core Algebra Regents Exam Threaten NYC's Graduation Rates? (2015)

By Kim Nauer, Nicole Mader and Laura Zingmond

Nearly half of New York City students fail the Algebra 1 Regents exam on the first try. Thousands retake the exam multiple times, caught up in what teachers call the “Algebra whirlpool.”

Segregated Schools in Integrated Neighborhoods: The city's schools are even more divided than our housing (2016)

By Clara Hemphill and Nicole Mader

In multi-ethnic New York City, why are so many elementary schools segregated by race and class? New research demonstrates that school segregation is not always the result of housing patterns.

The New Marketplace: How small-school reforms and school choice have reshaped NYC's high schools (2009)

By Clara Hemphill and Kim Nauer with Helen Zelon and Thomas Jacobs

A report on the city's public high schools, revealing that Chancellor Joel Klein's high school reforms created valuable new opportunities but also caused collateral damage.

Touring Schools for Your Special Needs Child (2017)

By the InsideSchools staff

This guide will help you be a fierce advocate for your special needs child. We give you ideas of things to consider and questions to ask on your visits.

What's Wrong with Math and Science in NYC High Schools? (2015)

By Clara Hemphill, Nicole Mader and Bruce Cory

While small schools have been successful in helping struggling students graduate, many do not offer the higher-level coursework that prepares students for college and careers. This policy brief offers recommendations based on the experiences of a number of successful schools.

What To Look For on an Elementary School Tour (2017)

This handy checklist from the InsideSchools staff helps parents ask the right questions when visiting elementary schools. Special thanks to Lulu Zhou, executive director of Worldtots, for the Chinese translation.

Who Gets Into NYC's Specialized High Schools?

The DOE recently released another year of results from the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). Each year, we hear how few Black students got into Stuyvesant (only 10 this year), but little is heard about the other seven schools or whether this has changed over time. To provide some of that wider context, we dug up the results from each of the last six years and visualized them as proportions of total SHSAT takers, total SHSAT offers, and offers to each school.